Install KDE alongside gnome Post-install.

When i installed 11.4 i selected gnome as my desktop.
Now i want to give KDE (suse´s default desktop) a shot.
Witch packages do i have to install to have a FULL KDE enviroment as if i would have selected KDE when i installed suse? Not just the desktop, but kde apps, themes, etc.

Or even better. Is there a “Meta package” that installs everything?

Like this in Yast Software Management

I want to add some details for you to consider.

KDE and Gnome typically work better if you use the correct settings I am about to show you, however it’s not essential to switch. But if you decide to stick with one or the other (kde/gnome), then use the appropriate settings:

For Gnome you will already have:

For KDE the settings are:

A reboot is need to take effect.

Also, you need autologin disabled to switch to either kde or gnome at the login window:

OMG! thats it??
i tought i would be directed to some “tutorial” or “howto:”
Who sais “ubuntu is the easiest distro to use”???

D@mn opensuse! its so slick, good and easy, it bores the hell out of me! rotfl!
(kidding of course)


You are welcome
Enjoy :smiley:

Thanks, i only plan to have both desktops installed for a few days, eventually i will decide to keep one and remove the other one or even do a fresh reinstall of suse (no big deal).
im interested in trying out kde because its been ages since i tried it, and at that time i decided i dint like it, and stayed with gnome ever since. But now i see it has evolved a lot, and since its the default desktop in opensuse, i tought id give it a shot.
ibe never liked having “mixed” desktops, not even a large (gnome, kde) one and a light (xfce, lxde) one. So in a few days ill make up my mind, and stick with one.

I think you find it hard to choose. The openSUSE Gnome is fantastic, but the KDE release is probably the best of all the distros out there.

Once you decide I would recommend a clean install, including a new /home, more especially if you choose KDE, as I find Gnome settings can interfere at times. KDE only installs have a package called kde-pure, which holds the DE true to KDE only. If at some point you decide to install something that brings in so much Gnome stuff, it will ask you to remove kde-pure to allow the install.

I use Gnome and KDE on different computers. I also have a Mint 11 Gnome install running on another.

Im currently installing kde like you told me, and also doin some “homework” on how to use it, and for what ibe read so far, i think ill like it. My only concern, is performance. If i were installing it on my desktop i wouldnt worry, but im puting it on a netbook, and as you know these things have very limited HW resources.
Ill have to do some testing to compare performance in kde compared to gnome. Main concerns are speed (of course) and battery time. So far, gnome gives me exactly 2h28min from a full charge, to a “critical battery” indicator. And as for speed… its VERY fast!.
cant wait to see how kde compares to gnome.

Little O.T.: You mentioned you have mint 11 in another pc? is it working ok for you? just yesterday i uninstalled mint 11 from my other netbook, because of severe bugs and un-stability issues. (that other netbook is now a suse box too)

In KDE, the notification settings, I set that to “No audio output”.
I also disabled (session management is Startup and Shutdown) kpackagekit.

I made those changes for several reasons. One reason was that the corresponding processes were often showing up as busy in “top” output.

I am noticing less fan output in a laptop since making those changes. It probably reduced power consumption and lengthens battery time.

I do periodically start kpackagekit manually, to handle updates.

thanks nrikert. apart from the things you sugested, i also disabled desktop effects, bluetooth, cups, and things i dont use. I did it so that it would be a “fair” comparason with my gnome setup, cause in gnome i have all those things disabled.
Im typing this from the KDE netbook :slight_smile: and so far i like kde. It feels (and looks) waaaay better that the last time i used it.
As for performance, i dont see any decrease in speed, nor any increase in heat. I did noticed that when idle (no apps opened) system monitor reports 230 MB ram used, compared to about 185 in gnome. But its no big deal. About battery time, the netbook has been running for 1h 6min now, and battery icon reports 55% - 1h19m left. So i think its gonna be very close to gnome.

the way things are looking, it seems i will soon become another happy KDE user :slight_smile:

Mint 11 is working perfectly, though I do use the no effects login. I don’t need them.

Interesting coma prison you are doing: I suspect gnome will win out.

Ok, as far as responsivenes (speed) goes, i really cant tell the diference, the only exception is at the login screen, after you type your password and wait for the desktop to come up and its ready to use, there kde takes about 15 seconds more. Battery life time, with KDE i get about 8 minutes less than gnome. All this considering both desktops with desktop effects turned completely off, and several apps / services i dont use also disabled (bluetooth, hp printing, and others).

About features and looks (of course this is according to each opinions), i do like KDE better. Looks more “modern” than gnome, and i find kde more feature rich than gnome.

So i just did a clean reinstalation with kde as my default desktop :slight_smile:

But now i have an issue…
When i had both kde an gnome installed, i went to kde control center and there was a module to select witch applications started automatically when i login, note that i dont mean services, i mean applications. Just like gnome-session-properties.
But now that i made the switch and have a “clean” kde install, i cant find it!
I wonder if i was using the gnome one before, or maybe there is an aditional package i need to install?

In kde, where do i go to select wich applications start automatically when i login? whats the equiv. for gnome-session-properties?

Personal Settings → Startup and Shutdown → Autostart

i saw that one, but theres only 2 “scripts” on it, witch cant be edited. i dont see a list of applications.
Maybe im not using it right?

There’s an “add program” button and an “add script” button.

I think you can also add a script in $HOME/.kde4/Autostart and give it a name ending with “.sh”, to have that script run early in session setup. And there’s a corresponding “shutdown” directory if you need to gracefully end whatever you started.

mhh, ibe been using the netbook most of the day, and i think ill have to take back what i said before about not noting a diference in responsiveness, and overall system performance.
It does feel a little slower than gnome. Apps take longer to start, actions in those apps take longer to be carried out.
Plus, i noticed that even tough i disabled desktop effects, followed nrickert advice and disabled kpackagekit, and notification sounds, and also disabled some services i dont use, the fan is on most of the time. When using gnome, i had to open several applications at the same time before the fan activated. Now, its on even when the system is idle.

Im thinking that even tough i like kde´s eye candy and find it more feature ritch than gnome, ill switch back to gnome. Because for me, performance is my 2nd priority (only after stability). aditional features and “eye candy” comes third.

So ill just have to do another clean install to go back to gnome :frowning: oh well, at least suse is so easy to setup, that it should only take me a couple of hours to have my system the way it was.

So my final “veredict” regarding Gnome Vs KDE is:
KDE looks nicer, has more “goodies”, but Gnome is totally a better performer.

Thanks for all your advice.

Thanks for the feedback on your results. It was as I suspected.
Hope you enjoy…

Youre welcome.
Im back to my good’ol gnome now, and its now ovbious why its faster that KDE…](

Uploaded with

Im sorry i dint take a screenshot of the system monitor in kde, but the RAM usage was over 250MB at minimum, and CPU usage was never below 20%

Now im turning my eyes towards gnome 3 / shell! rotfl!
i tried it with fedora 15, and i liked it (gnome 3, not fedora hehe), so im wondering how it will perform on a stable and efficient distro like opensuse.
I think ill download the iso and give it a try.

I forgot to mention, someting i liked about KDE, was that i could see the time (clock) in 12hr (AM/PM) format. This is impossible for me in gnome. Due to the perpetual bug in the spanish locale, that makes it show the time in 24hr (military) format. Bug was there years ago, and i think its there in gnome 3 hehe

The Gnome3 .iso is here
Index of /repositories/GNOME:/Medias/images/iso

I never tried changing the clock, sorry. And I’m using KDE.

thanks, im goin for the one click install.
About the clock in gnome, ibe tried every solution i found, such as goin to gnome configuration editor and specifiying a custom format, but no solution ibe tried over the years has worked 100%. The best ibe been able to do, is get it to display in 12hr, but it doesnt show “PM” nor “AM”.
I even recall reporting this bug directly to gnome years ago, but apparently it “fell in deaf ears” hehe.