Install KDE after GNOME

After a number of problems with KDE 4, I decided to go for GNOME when installing openSUSE 11.3. I like it and it’s stable, but…the devil on my shoulder keeps whispering “KDE! Bling! Flashy! Shiny!” in my ear. So…

I used YaST to install the KDE desktop - it completed fine and I logged out / in to the new KDE desktop. I was greeted with an error - “Unable to find any back-end plug-in. Please install one”. The screen stayed completely white. I logged out and logged in again. This time, the screen was blue (KDE default?) and I got no errors. Fine! But…I have nothing at all on the desktop, other than the little cashew nut. I seem unable to add any application icons etc.

I’m back using GNOME now, but would like to solve the KDE problem.

I have an NVIDIA graphics card, and have, in the past, needed to install the driver - that hasn’t been the case with openSUSE 11.3, and my dual monitor display works fine in GNOME. Thought I’d just mention it in case it is relevant to the KDE problem.

Have managed to get KDE working under 11.3 on another laptop…and have decided to stick with GNOME. Too many “configurable” options, but I can’t see a way of shifting the taskbar to the bottom of the screen. Life’s too short to start creating all my shortcuts etc, so I’ll live without KDE for now.


I started using FC13 because I was tired of SuSE’s poor gnome implementation! If SuSE has foobared KDE … I guess it’s the beginning of the end. The Novell kiss of death maybe …