Install JetBrains issue with tar.gz

Hello, I am trying to install JetBrains’ Tool Box App to then install PyCharm.

I am following the instructions here:

And, when entering the instructed command, I got…

Tim@DESKTOP-U5GV7MN:~> sha256sum ~/Downloads/jetbrains-toolbox-1.17.7018.tar.gz 
55d1598083a60fb4d2855a764e136b7fa760fb5b8626ad79ac6f4925909e5878  /home/Tim/Downloads/jetbrains-toolbox-1.17.7018.tar.gz 
Tim@DESKTOP-U5GV7MN:~> sudo tar -xzf jetbrains-toolbox-1.17.7018.tar.gz -C /opt 
tar (child): jetbrains-toolbox-1.17.7018.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory 
tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now 
tar: Child returned status 2 
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now 

I figured I was in the wrong directory, based off of the output… so

Tim@DESKTOP-U5GV7MN:~> cd Downloads 
Tim@DESKTOP-U5GV7MN:~/Downloads> sudo tar -xzf jetbrains-toolbox-1.17.7018.tar.gz -C /opt  
[sudo] password for root:  

This one didn’t throw an error, but it didn’t seem to do anything, either. I’m not sure if it did something I didn’t observe or if it didn’t do anything at all.

Once I verify that I’ve done the extraction of the tar.gz correctly, the next step is…

                     Execute the jetbrains-toolbox  binary from the extracted directory to run the Toolbox App and select  which product and version you want to install.                          After you run the Toolbox App for the first time, it will automatically  add the Toolbox App icon to the main menu.                     

How do you “execute the binary”?

Suggestions/education appreciated!

Switch to root user and cd in /opt/jetbrains-toolbox-1.17.7018 then execute with either sh or ./ (as long as it’s executable…chmod is your friend)

su -
cd /opt/jetbrains-toolbox-1.17.7018

Hello - I got it. I couldn’t get your commands to work. But! I learned [embarrassingly enough] that I could just…

right-click -> Extract Here -> right-click -> Run and that opened up the program and enabled me to install PyCharm.

Learning is fun!

Glad to hear you found your solution, and I guess some kudos to the maintainers of your Desktop which made your solutions possible and working.

But FYI the next time you run into what you tried to do earlier…

  • You did determine that you need to be in the same directory as the TAR file you’re trying to extract, else you have to describe the path to that file and probably would also best include setting output so you know where the result is. To avoid complexity, just do what you did which was to cd to the directory of your binary.
  • When you say you extracted the file but didn’t see a result, I assume you’re using a graphical file manager. Most file managers won’t automatically refresh to display changes. If you’re running your commands in a console, you should “ls” to display the contents of your directory.