Install Issue on Asus Zenbook Pro Duo: HELP NEEDED


Successfully created the USB installer, install menu started and progresses but I get a freeze on the “Network Activation” step, screen remains white with the “next button” remaining green but non-responsive. The mouse pointer has a spinning circle that continues to spin. I let this run for over 30 minutes and nothing changed. I then started the installer again and chose the “more” option and checked the USB drive. The USB drive had no errors and when the install kicked off, it hung on "pci.2:get sysfs pci data. Of note is the fact that I have Nvidia graphics cards and the zenbook pro has two screens. I currently have Ubuntu installed as the OS.

Need recommendations on how to resolve.

You tried with a Thumbleweed Kde o Gnome live describes it as an Optimus laptop without using the word. That means dual grpahics, and following special instructions involving the word optimus, usually requiring suse-prime and/or bumblebee. I would first try opening the openSUSE installer by appending plymouth.enable=0 to the kernel cmdline. If that failed, I’d try appending nomodeset instead, and if that failed I’d try both. The nomodeset URL has instructions how to apply these options to the kernel cmdline.

To confirm dual graphics on you laptop, using code tags please paste here output from

inxi -Gxxbza

in an X terminal while booted to Ubuntu. Please use the current inxi version available here.