Install iBall 300m Wireless usb adapter on ubuntu?

Hello i have iBall 300m Wireless USB Adapters that i would like to use on Ubuntu.
I have the Disc with the Linux drivers. I do not know how to get Ubuntu to work with this device.
Or simply to install these drivers on Ubuntu.

I am not too fond of using cmdline but that is what Linux is about, installing and updating softwares from cmdline.
Not too familiar in that area, but i would be glad if someone could help me.
How do i install the drivers in Ubuntu.

The How-to-install.txt contains these lines:

Driver for Realtek chipset RTL8192EU: how-to install

1. Download the driver package Realtek-RTL8192EU-driver.tar.gz into the folder Downloads.

2. First unpack it in the terminal, because it's a compressed folder with files. In the terminal (use copy/paste):
cd Downloads && tar xvzf ~/Downloads/Realtek*.tar.gz

3. Now go to the uncompressed folder: in the terminal (use copy/paste):
cd install_folder

4. Finally: the actual installation. In the terminal (use copy/paste):
sudo ./

5. Plug the wireless dongle with the Realtek chipset into you computer: it should be functional now.

This is only confusing me more. Why does it need a Realtek-RTL8192EU-driver.

Hi, welcome

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