Install i586 on i386?

Hello. Does anybody know if I can install 11.1 (i586) on a laptop with the i386 architecture - or am I asking for problems?

Need a bit more hardware info in order to help


i386 is a generic name for Intel/AMD’s 32-bit architecture. i586 refers to a particular level of instruction set. In practice anything above a 486, except maybe AMD K6 processors I think qualifies as i586. You may find that your laptop is already at least i586. Here is an explanation of the i586 family.

Pentium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If your laptop really is i486 or worse i386, it won’t be powerful enough to run OpenSUSE.

It’s a P4 M 2.4 processor with 1 gig of RAM. I have been running Sabayon Linux (Gentoo) on it with no issues but I wanted to try Suse. It doesn’t look like my harware will handle it. sigh

Thank you so much for the help!

I think it will run on your machine is 586 i had it on a p4 3.0 though not the latest version


The 586 is Pentium forward, and in ref to software indicates the base architecture in that class. Your processor is a 686, i.e., Pentium Pro and forward. Occasionally you will see a software package available as 586 and 686 - you can use either, and may benefit from the 686 version.

Hmmm…according to YaST2 (hardware information) the architecture is i386 - BUT that is just the base architecture, right? Is there another utility I can use to check my hardware information? I’m using KDE 4.

Trust me on this one (I have built many P4 machines) . . . the i386 refers to a class of architecture - the short-form is x86. The 586 instruction set was introduced with the Pentium. Take a look here >> 586


Thank you so much!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

BTW runs slowly on this older pc !

Installed openSUSE 11.0 on:

Product Name: Compaq Deskpro EB/SB Series
processor: Pentium II 400 MHz
speed: 400/100 MHz
memory: 128 MB

IF someone knows what they are doing likes to organise some tips to make use of all these older pcs as many just sitting around.


Something like AntiX, Crunchbang Linux, DeLi Puppy, Dang Small Linux, or Slitaz would work ok with that spec.