Install Hangs at Initializing Package Manager

Hey Everyone,

I have a new Thinkpad R61 with Intel T8300 and 4gb of Ram and my HD has 135gb allocated to Vista with 5gb unpartitioned which I hope to use for OpenSuse.

I downloaded and burned the install DVD w/o issue. The disc boots and I can choose install. After the license agreement the system scan runs and gets to 90% progress. The install seems to hang at 90% which is the start of “Initializing Package Manager.”

Does anybody have any ideas? I’ve let it sit for close to 20mins thinking that it just needed time, but it just sits.

I’m not terribly versed in Suse as I have previously been a Kubuntu user, but any help would be much appreciated.

did you do an md5 checksum ? also, have a peek at the stickie at the start of this section


I did check the Vista thread, but I haven’t even gotten through an install yet, so figured that it wouldn’t help me too much at this point.

I’ll run that checksum, but I am pretty positive there are no issues.

Any other ideas?

So the md5 checksum came out just fine.

Should I try burning the DVD again?

I had the same exact problem, 90% Initializing Package Manager hanging for 15 minutes or so … then I pressed Alt+Ctrl+F2 to enter a terminal and killed the most reacent yast2 processes, wnet back to instalation gui Alt+Ctrl+F7 and the installation asked if I was ok to accept a driver signed by opensuse to access my security keyring I accepted and the installation continued … I am not an expert just found this way to remove the hanging process … I didn’t kept information on the popup window about the keyring thing sorry …