Install Hanging

I’m installing OpenSuse V11 on one our internal Dell servers. I’m able to configure the partitions, select packages I want installed, etc. It seems to go through the format & install process successfully, but then it ends up on a green screen with OpenSuse in the middle, and a full progress bar just below the OpenSuse text. It doesn’t progress beyond this point. Any ideas?

What happens if you hit the ESC button? Do you get diagnostic information on the screen? If so, what do the last 10 lines tell you?
You could also try switching though consoles by pressing <ALT><CTRL>+<F1> to <F10> <-(is a logger screen).
You can get back to the GUI with <ALT><CTRL><F7>

Also, when exactly do you have this green screen, has the file copy and hardware configuration (screen size, monitor type, etc) already completed?

Last question : Does the pc shutdown when pressing <CTRL><ALT><DEL>?