Install Guacamole openSUSE 15.3

greetings i am starting on suse and i am trying to install guacamole

my scenario is the following:

  1. distribution used: openSuse 15.3
  2. install guacamole-server using the following steps obtained from “

zypper addrepo
zypper refresh
zypper install guacamole-server

  1. then intale tomcat9
  2. zypper install guacamole-client

and when I want to see the site I get a 404 error, the required resource is not available

I have not found more documentation about suse installation, so I ask the forum if someone has already gone through this problem and was able to configure guacamole well.

without more to say, stay tuned for your help

AFAICS, the only Guacamole Server/Client builds in the openSUSE repositories are private builds being executed by community members.

Thank you very much for the answer, I’ll see them