Install gold master now or wait till tomorrow?

Hi, I’m about to reinstall my ubuntu pc, because sound over hdmi stopped working, sound works only in dual booted windows now. I wanted to instal leap anyway (I like leap on my server since 2018), but leap 15.4 won’t be released until tomorrow. Today I have to settle with “gold master” and I’m wondering if there is actually any difference between gold master and release? Should I survive one more day with windows and rather wait, or I can go with gold master, because they are actually the same? I mean if I won’t need to replace zypper repos tomorrow, update gigs of data, etc :wink: Thanks.

Probably no diff gold is th final build only updates after gold

Hi and thank you for reply. I installed it, everything is snappy due lack of snap :slight_smile: Reports as “openSUSE Leap 15.4”, no beta in name, so I hope it will be ok. I’m curious, if sound will work, when I get home, also printer, scanner, etc.

Hi, New here, not sure where to put this but on the English page to get Leap 15.4 is still putting forward Leap 15.3 as current release and still showing 15.4 as Leap 15.4 rc. Today is June 8, 2022 so figured if someone knows how to fix for release day might be helpful to new openSuse user.

Your June 8, 2022 might start on a different time then for others. Just let them get awake all over the globe rotfl!

And please, see how it is spelled all over this forums web site and the other ones: openSUSE.