Install FROM USB

Hi, Im looking to install OpenSuSe on a laptop that has a dodgy DVD Rom.
The goal is to install from a USB stick, but all I can find is how to install various distros to a USB stick, to run I assume as a LIVE CD type thing.

I wonder if anyone can point me in the direction of getting 11.0 to my 4GB USB stick so I can boot that and install it on the lappy?


Have a look here;

Look at the “Gotchas / Common issues” at the end :slight_smile:

If you have a good internet connection or another PC to use, I would
look at using the boot iso and doing a network install.

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Thanks for the reply. Looks to be just what I need.

As for a network install I have never attempted it. I have the means to do it, though.

Ill do a bit of research into it before I decide.

Thanks again.

Another quite easy method of installing from a USB is to use UNetbootin which can be found here:

UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads

You install UNetbootin to your USB and can then do a network install by pointing to a source repository on the internet or locally. I mounted an openSUSE iso on another computer on my local network and pointed UNetbootin to it. Put the UNetbootin USB into your machine, press the appropriate key on bootup to get the boot device menu and choose the UNetbootin USB. The install was quite painless.

Forgot to mention that of course the mounted iso needs to be a Samba share so that it can be seen on the network.