install from usb stick


I do not have a floppy drive and my cdrom drive is dead. My machine can boot from a usb stick.I have downloaded the Live-KDE-CD-11.1

Can I install suse? I have searched and tried for hours. Is there anyone who knows how I can install from USB stick. I dont care if its version 10 or 11 I just want it installed.

Thank you in advance.


I want to know the answer to this as well.

I bought a Dell Mini 9 with Ubuntu, but I want to try out my favorite linux, Opensuse 11, on the Dell mini and maybe convert to it.

I don’t have a CD or DVD drive, just USB access. Can I have a complete build on a USB stick? Should I just copy the “Live CD” to a USB Stick?

Do you think there would be any problems installing oS11.1 on a Dell mini?

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This works for me.

This is a very important question, why isnt there a USB-iso that one only could copy to a Fat16-USB-stick?
These things are still far too complicated!
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