install from source and online update


I would just like to know if I begin to install programs from source could I lose the ability to update my linux online?
I had an older suse which I could not update because of something. Unfortunetly I don’t remember on the error message but it was not because of wrong settings.


Fenor, when you install programs from source, you are not actually ‘officially’ installing it on your system, if you know what I mean. An ‘official’ install is an install in which the distro package manager really knows what you have installed. From source, you compile the program and then run it. It was not pre-packaged as an RPM file.

Can’t give a very definite final answer, but… I mean, running installations from source files is not the same as installing a pre-packaged RPM. With RPMs, you can be sure of getting updates for the software. So I don’t think that a program installed from source will get updates from the distro. Sorry if I was unhelpful, but really that’s all I can say.

Thanks, I know that and I do not expect that the program I compiled should be updated online but the packeges which are installed per package manager.

Can I mess up my system with self compiled programs/libs so that nothing can be updated anymore?


As long as you do not change any of the libs installed by YaST or zypper or install something that conflicts with something you already have installed, you should get away with things but, if you have to change or add a different version of a library you have as part of the distro, you could be in for problems because the change may not be recorded and you may break a dependency.

To put it bluntly, if you want to compile from source, you do need to know what you are doing or change to a distro where compiling from source is the norm.

ok, thanks