Install from LiveCD iso on Hard Drive

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to install OpenSuse 11.1 with KDE 4. Unfortunately, my CD drive is broken so I’m forced to install from an iso image on an existing partition. I really don’t want to download the entire 4.2 GB DVD (My bandwidth runs at 200kB/sec). So my question is, will it work if I try to install from the LiveCD iso from my hard drive? I’m using UNetBootin to access the basic installer. Thanks for your info. :slight_smile:

BUMP! Anyone? Please?

As far as I know, the installer on the LiveCD can only be accessed by booting up to a LiveCD session first. I don’t know if you can do that from an ISO image on a HD, and furthermore, if the installer can then read the ISO image as if it were a CD. I haven’t tried though.

If you can boot to the NET installer’s kernel, you can install from another machine exporting the DVD image via NFS, SMB, etc, or even from repos on the Internet.

Thanks. I’ll try that. I currently looking at UNetBootin. :slight_smile: