Install From HDD

Hello All,

I posted a long time ago on this subject, so apologies for posting again. Also, I searched the forums and wiki and didn’t find any satisfactory or definitive answer.

I have a notebook that CANNOT boot from usb - stick, cd, whatever.

I have a separate small partition for linux hdd installs. I have been able to run most distros by editting grub’s menu.lst file and adding the correct kernel and ramdisk parameters. (PCLOS, sidux, mandriva, chakra, sabayon, dreamlinux, etc. ALL work with this method)

However, I haven’t been able to do this with open-suse.

I am presently downloading the KDE4 cd version now (UPDATE - downloaded successfully). I will extract this iso file and put it into my linux install partition.

Is suse designed so it is possible to boot as described above??

For example, Chakra works like this:

title CHAKRA
kernel (hd0,6)/isolinux/vmlinuz vga=773
initrd (hd0,6)/isolinux/chakra.img

Sabayon works like this:

title Sabayon
kernel (hd0,6)/boot/sabayon root=/dev/ram0 aufs init=/linuxrc cdroot=/dev/sda7 looptype=squashfs max_loop=64 loop=/livecd.squashfs vga=0x318 CONSOLE=/dev/tty1 verbose scandelay –
initrd (hd0,6)/boot/sabayon.igz

How about suse???



How can OpenSuse be considered a venerable distribution if there aren’t even any people who can give advice on this issue…???

As I say, pretty much any other distro I have worked with can EASILY facilitate boot of a livecd iso extracted to HDD and/or an installation from extracted iso on HDD…

Very disappointing…


Maybe, but sometimes a search/read of the HowTo’s helps :slight_smile:
These are similar to your examples, the grub info is down the bottom…

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BTW, slow on this reply, but I checked out the forums and the wikis and also the link you gave, but it didn’t allow me to at all boot the suse extracted iso image from my HDD.

My query still stands…


Did you run mkbootdisk?

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installation from HDD can not be efficient because sometimes boot/install sector may be corrupted or there may be virus on the system.

There are NO viruses on my system.

Boot/install sector is NOT corrupted.

If you read my original post you will understand.