install from dvd

i download and boot from the latest dvd.
The setup mentioned something about ’ wrong signature ’ and asked if i am sure if cd1 is in the drive.
It 's one dvd which include everything the setup needs.
What can i do to install suse on my imac???
Exept choosing for netinstall.
I wil installing from the dvd.

Don’t have a mac, but check the checksums.
The net install will also work from the main install - look at the options at the bottom of the screen.

where can i find the checksum on the dvd?
There are 7 folders, i looked in the first level of the folders but i can’t find something like a checksum.

Just boot the dvd and choose the Media Check from the menu, leave it to run. It will take a little while. It will either Fail or Pass.

nijltjetweety wrote:
> where can i find the checksum on the dvd?
> There are 7 folders, i looked in the first level of the folders but i
> can’t find something like a checksum.

you will probably find this multi-part thread to be very helpful:


I know the existing of that sticki one.
I started over with installing and looked a little better now.
The setup starts in textmode

when the setup must begin the setup aborted for some unknown reason.
The 5 cd of suse 10.2 starting goed.

I let open suse 11.1 for what it is and installed version 11.0 instead.
To upgrade to a newer version (maybe 11.2 in the future, how ca i do that?
Just starting with the dvd and running setup?

well there is a cmooand line way to upgrade, but really I say leave Opensuse 11.0 on for now and you can install 11.2 over 11.0.
There is an option to upgrade from the DVD too.

I downloaded suse 11.1 by torrentsites now, finally i can install this version.
After experimenting with other linuxdistro i have a fresh system.
Now i noticed that there were more softwarepackages available for suse 11.0.
The chatprogram amsn an more games to install.
Can i let suse 11.1 installing packages for suse 11.0?
Or better installing suse 11.0 and upgrading to 11.1?

Just use 11.1
amsn is avail in 11.1 also- from Packman repo

I correcting this.
Now i have an other problem (same one as in the beginning.
I was upgrading the system, but by upgrading with the new ATI videodriver my screen was black.
After rebooting the xwindow try to load over and over again, continu changing the screenresolutions but the machine stay running in circles.
I try booting from the dvd to try system restore, but it is impossible to boot from the dvd.
It is also impossible to boot from cd (ubuntu) with the dvd recorder.
Booting with an other cd player is no problem.
Okay, so far so good.
I take an other hard drive and reset the bios from the machine.
Booting from ubuntu live is okay, booting from suse 11.1 works the first part (hardwaredetection).
After that i get errors.
i/o error (several times)
Sha1 is incorrect, hdb is bussy …
It is the same dvd recorder and the same disk i used to install suse 11.1 (01-Jul-2009 20:22)
Maybe there is something wrong with my dvd recorder, i don’t know.
It is a recorder from 2004.
I cleaned the lazer and the slidingbars, the downside of the cd tray …
I try again with 11.0, that was never a problem.
I waiting to download 11.2 and upgrade later to 11.2.

Check here