install flawless!

Hello there,

I’m using SUSE since…Well 5.3 or something. And it is the first time that I had an almost flawless installation and I simply want to congrats all persons involved ;-).

I just bought a new Compaq Presario notebook, I burnt a CD with OpenSUSE 11.1, launched it. Partionning perfect, installation perfect, dual boot/grub perfect, Sound card, video card (cheap mobile intel thing), perfect.

I had my shiny new KDE 4 without tweaking anything, my jaws literally dropped ;-).

I install various codecs for Kaffeine, played a DivX, tada! perfect.

I had just a minor problem with my WIFI (atheros, I had to add the athk9 module or something). Usually I know that it will the hardest part, but well I just needed a couple of minutes to find relevant information and add the necessary modules. I must say this is the very first time I have a wifi working with linux.

Now it will be my main desktop, windows vista will be the second choice when I need to test things (I’m a web developer).

So well thank all of you, your hard work was really appreciated ;-).

Happy customer/user/whatever :wink:


Suse has always been my choice alongside redhat. Redhat lost it for me when they went to gnome.
I left suse till 10.3 and was surprised at how far it had come since v7. Installed flawlessly with only minor tweaks. 11 did things better.
Lately, most linux distros give fewer install hassles than windows, and a bit of searching/self help, solves most other pot install problems.