Install Fglrx ati caralyst 10.11 on kernel-desktop-2.6.37-rc3.git6.9.1.x86_64.rpm

Install Fglrx ati caralyst 10.11 on kernel-desktop-2.6.37-rc3.git6.9.1.x86_64.rpm

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That said, I am afraid we can not quite understand if you have a problem and when yes, what that problem is.
Could you please explain with some more text what you try to do and where you got stuck? We are willing to help you if we can.


thanks i want use video card 3d effects on kernel 2.6.37 head reposity but they not working.I see my windows very slow when use my mouse and on kernel 2.6.34-05 working 100% without problems.on kernel 2.6.34-05 aty catalyst 10.11 working well and not working on kernel 2.6.37 git head installed

Do you have the fglrx module for your kernel version?
find /lib/modules/$(uname -r) -name fglrx.ko

Is fglrx running?
lsmod | grep fglrx

You are trying to use a kernel that’s still under heavy development, it’s not even released yet. If all was working well on 2.6.34-05 revert to that kernel.

i haven’t module fglrx for my kernel-desktop-2.6.37-rc3.git6.9.1.x86_64.rpm

help me please to make working my ATI catalyst fglrx 791 on kernel new

if you do not already KNOW HOW to do things like this you should NOT be using a ** still in Development and NOT YET RELEASED - TESTING ONLY ** version of the up and coming kernel

please install the current and sable kernel in the repos “”

the “rc3” states that this is a “release candidate version 3”
the ATI driver is most likely not supported YET for this kernel