Install error on Auto Configure phase,Opensuse 11.0

810E mainboard
15" CRT

after install files,system reboot into autoconfigure step,yast2&sax autodetect displaycard & monitor, maybe it’s setup too high desktop resolution,my monitor is black and no active.
so,I can’t finish install process.

btw: opensuse10.1,opensuse10.3 is ok!

What happens if you install selecting VESA at the initial config screen?

yeah,I’d already select VESA mode at the first install DVD boot.

I think that better to add X configure GUI at install precess, just like 10.1.

I tried with VESA mode enabled and still the same - black screen.

My machine: Dell Optiplex 745

I think the problem is not connected with installation mode (VESA, text, etc.). The problem apperas during detecting graphics card.
Any ideas what should I do? For 10.2 and 10.3 everything worded fine.

so,I think add X configure GUI is best way! just like 10.1,10.3 installation.