Install Disk: about opensuse.exe (autorun.inf)

I’m about to update to openSUSE 11.1, and as I don’t have a DVD burner, I’ve copied the files from the DVD iso to a separated HD.
I boot the partition using Grub with the following entry in /boot/grub/menu.lst (same parameters as when I upgraded to 11.0.):

title openSUSE 11.1 - Install disk
    kernel (hd0,2)/boot/i386/loader/linux splash=silent showopts
    initrd (hd0,2)/boot/i386/loader/initrd

The 11.1 installation is starting properly (it fails later for another reason, see Update fails: partitions cannot be mounted - openSUSE Forums )

But I was wondering:
Does the opensuse.exe (loaded by autorun.inf) do some hardware dectection of some sort that could lead to start the installation with a different kernel and initrd ?