Install didn't find the LAN or settings...

I had a great time reviewing the LiveCD, so this morning I took the plunge, and installed the 64-bit Gnome version 11.1.

On the first installation try the routine bombed out, so I restarted it, and the installation continued until the end.

I restarted the computer, and was able to see the new desktop, etc. However, I cannot get online.

The RCA digital broadband cable modem and its settings were not copied over from the Windows Vista profile.

As you can see, I am able to load up the Windows and get online this way.

Suggestions welcome! And, thank you.


I’m pretty sure that OpenSuse imports settings from Windows…

But anyway, could you please post the model and brand of your modem? That could help solve the problem…

I am now online with the OpenSuse 11.1 working fine. What was the solution? Restarting the computer after the installation. Then, I downloaded the various updates to the program.

It will be easier now to get on to figuring out how to get my pictures from the Windows section of the HD over to the Linux portion of the HD. However, that’s another issue.

Thank you for reading my first post.