Install deb with Yast ?

I am trying to install a media application called Boxee.

They seem to only have installations for Ubuntu.

The repository syntax is:

deb hardy main

Can I use this repository with openSuse/Yast?

Or is compiling my only option?

I didn’t see Boxee in the distro list of applications?

Is it coming to openSUSE?

No you can install alien, which converts deb’s to rpm’s or the other way. There’s a few caveats, but it works OK for simple packages.

You most likely will have to take a close look at any scripts it installs, or runs on installation, as they most likely will be a problem area.

Good Luck!

That actually doesn’t look like a simple application, having had a look. So I’d be amazed if it worked, without some porting work.

Not the type of thing you want to try to do with alien, in my view.

It’s also somewhere between alpha and beta testing rather than a finished package. There’s an answer to your question in the forum, where a log is posted by someone who compiled it on openSUSE (look for the SuSey blog page).