Install Cutefish Desktop Environment in openSuse Tumbleweed

I love Cutefish but there is a way to install Cutefish Desktop Environment on openSuse Tumbleweed?

There is a home build on OBS:

Cutefish seems not really active upstream…so maybe the packages may not work on an up to date Tumbleweed.

Yep, a short test showed that one can’t install Cutefish from this repository, as Tumbleweed is to new for this piece of software.

So your only chance would be to rebuild the packages for an actual Tumbleweed or compile them from the github sources…

How to compile form GitHub?I found only for Ubuntu!

Look at spec file(s) in the linked OBS project, each spec file includes BuildRequires lines which can be used verbatim to install needed packages. If something is missing or name is changed, you can ask the specific question.

You are welcome to extend README to cover openSUSE.