install command: how do I use glob * and -D at the same time?

mkdir source && cd source
touch 0.a 1.a 2.b

Now, I want to, with a single command, install source/*.a into another path and create the path using -D
However, this doesn’t work:

install -m 640 *.a -D …/intermediate/dest
install: target ‘…/intermediate/dest/’ is not a directory: No such file or directory

Why isn’t this working, when either not using * or not using -D and having the path extant does work? I don’t see the design logic behind this lack of orthogonality of these options.

install -m 640 0.a -D …/intermediate/dest
install -m 640 1.a …/intermediate/dest
… works, and
mkdir -p …/intermediate/dest
install -m 640 *.a …/intermediate/dest
… also works
So why the hell won’t the combination of * and -D work??

It is difficult to see what your story is and what your commands and their output is.

Can you please use CODE tags around copied/pasted computer text in a post. It is the # button in the tool bar of the post editor. When applicable copy/paste complete, that is including the prompt, the command, the output and the next prompt.