Install catalyst center


I’ve download the catalyst center for the 4870x2 from the ati site but how can I install it now? I am new on linux And need help.


Hi have find how to install but the process can’t go throught the postprocessing kernel module it’s stopped there I can only close the page of intallation , what can I do to solve this problem and intall the catalyst control center?

How install your catalyst software? I want to know the installation process.

I tell you the easy installation process

a)Open start menu
b)Go to yast
c)Go to repositories
d)add new repository
e)write this on name repository: ati drivers and on url the page of drivers(read this Additional package repositories - openSUSE), ok??
f)when repository added press ok

That is all.:wink:

I download the .run file from ati site then right click on the file and check executable then double click on it and it begin to install but stop on kernel.

Follow the steps described in this post Upgrading ATI driver with atiupgrade. That should do it.

Now I’ve a new problem , I can’t nomore login . It’s began after that the catalyst was not installed on 100% it starts then I have a blue violet screen and I can only go to the command lin by ctrl+alt+f1 but how can i recover the system now?

Did you install it using the method in the link I provided? If you did it should be installed on 100% … unless your disk is full … or the installation failed for some reason (but you should have seen an error message providing some info about what went wrong). Btw a blue violet screen doesn’t sound right.

I have try to install it with right click on the .run and check the executable but now it starts with a violet screen and I can’t do nothing only a ctrl+alt+f1 before that I can’t login and I have accidently click on seesion TWM. What can I do that it works back?

First install the driver correctly. The method I proposed is simple and works. It might not be as simple as a right click but it is safer. But that doesn’t explain why your screen has turned violet.

I will install the drivers but opensuse doesn’t starts anymore I only have a violet screen , are there some recovery like windows or what can I do to start opensuse ?