Install build dependency from external repo

Some of my builds on OSC require some packages not on OSC, but external repos. Is there a way to install them? I understand OSC wants to build everything from source so it discourages the use of external repos. However, it is often very time consuming to port everything to OSC, especially I wanted to target different platforms and build both deb and rpms, even though it is just a build dependency (not runtime dependency).

One thing I noticed is certain repositories, e.g. CentOS_7, uses repotype=“rpmmd”, which is able to take advantages of external repos. But when I tried to update meta of my home project to do the same thing, I got an error saying admin rights is required. Does it mean I don’t have admin rights on my home project, and on OBS we are not allowed to add external repos?


Correct, if the packages are not license or patent encumbered you need to build from the src rpms, unless you ask the OBS admins to add the repository.