Install both Gnome and KDE desktops

Can you install both the KDE, which I did, and then install the Gnome desktop after openSuse11.1 is installed? In some other distros I think you logout and login to another session ie KDE to Gnome? You just have to install the other desktop and I am unsure on how to proceed.

Yes you can install both and select the one you want to use in the KDM or GDM login manager

Ok I have KDE installed. How will I add the Gnome desktop?

by using the Yast Software management tool and add Gnome and the gnome addons.

YaST > Software > Software Management and then choose Patterns in the Left-Upper menu. Down you will find Gnome desktop. This is a bundle of packages so you do not have to decide for yourself wth belongs to Gnome.

When I log out of KDE and select Gnome from the session manager and log in again, I’m sent back to KDE. I have to restart the computer to get into Gnome. Does anyone else have this problem?

This thread is about a problem of ranger_cole. You have a different problem. It is much better to start a new thread about your problem (with a precise title). This will give you a much better change that someone knowing about it will see your thread (and thus your problem).

thanks for the walk through.