install boots to scrambled screen, suse 12.1-64bit--kde

Hello all.

If needed, I have the hardware info file.

Motherboard GIGABYTE M61P-S3 AM2
AMD6000 dual core CPU
4GB Memory
SATA 1 terra byte drive
Two Sata DVD drives

If do clean install, I get a scrambled screen on first boot. FYI, I delete the linux partitions in mswin.

Delete all linux partitions
Boot to DVD install-> follow prompts to reboot screen – KDE, defaults
First boot screen is scrambled

Note: First time I installed suse 12.1, I interrupted it thinking the installer had crashed. (hold down off switch)

Reboot normal mode–> install screen scrambled, I waited until I heard the boot sounds. Then waited for more time to pass.

control-alt-delete → cursor key down two times → enter key

Waited for grub menu, selected failsafe mode

Boot to suse, normal screen.

installed zypper updates -->restart

reboots to normal screen.

Is there a way to avoid the scrambled screen? Thanks.

It’s a known issue

I think if you add nomodeset during bootup of the install media, I read it works.

But install > 1st partial reboot to auto config > Gives scramble
Just leave it until you are sure the auto config is done
Once you reboot it should be good
Install the nvidia driver and you are done

So, do the same as I did. It works. :slight_smile:

Still, how do I “add nomodeset during bootup of the install media”? I’m curious.

you get the screen garble even if you use the nomodest parameter - so just follow the instructions from caf in the earlier post.

Confused from your first post you said it was on the first boot after the install. That is when you simply type nomodeset before the boot happens

You can actually add ‘nomodeset’ to the arguments when you boot the install media before install. The same as you would with arguments like noapic, edd=off

I have not done so myself, but I also read here in the forum, that when such is applied at the start like that, it is carried through, and eliminates the issue in question. But I can’t actually confirm it.

I’ve done more than a few installs where I knew this issue would arise, but I just let it ‘spit dummy’ and did as I described earlier.

If you look at this webpage:-

openSUSE installation guide

and scroll down to Grub Settings - it is the section marked ‘boot options’ that you would type in nomodeset but as I pointed out it in my previous post it doesn’t make any difference on my system (standard intel core 2 duo / nividia card) you still get the scrambled screen on installation

“nomodeset” might work. It’s in the installer menu. For now, suse works fine. Thanks.