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Hi all,

I’m going to install tumbleweed on a brand new laptop that come with TWO disks, one 128GB SSD and another one 1TB (spinner).

How I should partition the disks (with LVM) to get the best performances ? Has anybody already deal with this configuration ?

Thanks in advance

Rip out the spin disk and replace it with an ssd. Use the spin disk in an external casing for backups. I am serious, you do not want spin disks in a laptop and you need backups :wink:

If you are not afraid of the command line, you could set up an ssd cache for the spin disk lvm. I use that setup for my file server. There are multiple approaches to this. I used the cache pooling setup because it was simpler to create. I never actually measured speed, it just seemed like a nice idea to try and I had this spare small ssd around. The lvm is just data, / is on another ssd.

If that is too complicated (it is for just two disks), I would go the easy route: place / and swap on ssd, no /home partition or, in fact, any other partitions, symlink data dump directories from spin disk to your home. That would not even need lvm. The point is to not create a home partition or logical volume. It is a simple setup and easy to maintain. Do consider encryption, though, as laptops tend to get lost.

Use the SSD for the OS and swap, the spinning disk for /home. My 2 cents.

On Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:36:02 +0000, Knurpht wrote:

> Use the SSD for the OS and swap, the spinning disk for /home. My 2
> cents.

That’s what I do.


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I would rip out the spin but it’s impossible. Getting a new laptop was hard enough !!!.. I used to work with laptops with single (spin) disks, so I’m used to backup everything.
I’ll follow Your advice, thanks a lot !

Guys, thanks a lot for Your answers…