install ApostropheCMS on openSuSE Leap 15 server

I wish to install - successfully - the ApostropheCMS application on openSuSE Leap 15 Server. Following the general install instructions for install on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS here: [size=4]**
I was unsuccessful in making the appropriate command translations for openSuse, particularly for Repository references and other procedures. I have good basic knowledge of SuSE Linux, for ‘zypper in’ install, using Yast, etc. but not esoteric processes that differ substantially from CentOS or Ubuntu.

Can someone examine the instructions in Ubuntu install and informe me of necessary steps to make successful install on openSuSE?

Any help is appreciated

Wendell Anderson


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How to Forge can sometimes be useful for supplementary information but I hardly ever rely on them as my primary guide.

This is the Linux install from ApostropheCMS

I haven’t looked carefully at why the How To Forge instructions install Ruby, the ApostropheCMS instructions describe installing as a NodeJS app.
It looks like the commands are likely meant for Fedora or CentOS, if you replace our “zypper” for each"yum" command you see, it’ll probably work.

Some other differences…
Skip the epel-release install, that’s specific to CentOS/RHEL.
I don’t recommend installing node-source, your ordinary tools should work just fine.
Don’t install MongoDB from the mongodb repo, use the mongodb from openSUSE which should work fine.
Don’t do the “npm install -g --unsafe-perm” commands, they’re unnecessary and likely unrecommended but do install “forever” utility(If you don’t understand this, don’t worry… when the instructions shift to installing Stagecoch framework, you’ll be prompted to install again, but properly without the unsafe “–unsafe-perm” flag).

Looks like it’s a fairly long install with a bit of complexity, post again if you run into any issues.


Decided to take another glance at setting up ApostropheCMS,
I’m guessing you’re kind of new at this kind of stuff, so you may get a little lost because their setup instructions jump around quite a bit.

The post above describes how to set up dependencies/prerequisites.
After you install that, the next step is to set up Stagecoach framework, the instructions will direct you to

When you’ve completed the above, then you can either go to the end of the “How to Forge” or to the following page which is where you actually install ApostropheCMS and start setting up your first site

There are some other optional steps along the way which I’d recommend you skip on your first install…


I appreciate the help - for possibly installing ApostropheCMS on OpenSuSe Leap 15. I will post after attempting the steps as advised.
Again Thanks.