Install and track latest nodejs 5.5


Currently i have node 4.4 installed. What is the best way i can install run and receive updates easily to node 5.5 release with opensuse leap?

Found a bash installation script at nodesourcr which does the trick

If you find yourself running multiple versions of nodejs (and unless you have full control over all deployments) you might consider running nodeenv.
It’s mainly available as a python package (use pip to obtain from official python repos) but you can also pull latest from github, too.

nodejs is very similar to python’s virtualenv and ruby’s rvm and rbvm… Once installed, you will then store your different versions in a special location managed by the “env” app. You can then apply your version choice to any app (a designated file tree) or globally.


That is an awesome suggestion!

As an aside I did raise an issue at nodesource on github to see about adding suse support. They have looked at it, not working it is on the radar somewhat though which is nice.