Install AmiBroker 5.6 in openSUSE 12.2 Linux using Wine

I recently joined a Brisbane traders group, a charitable group called Traders for a Cause, who meet each month to discuss trading. The members have adopted AmiBroker so I bought a copy. It’s a coders dream and I’ve totally switched from MetaStock to AmiBroker now. I found this successful implementation of Amibroker 5.6 in Ubuntu at WinHQ (Platinum results) and thought it would likely install in openSUSE too – and it does!

I have the standard $199 version of AmiBroker and this article shows how to install it in openSUSE 64 bit version 12.2. It’s pretty easy if you follow the bouncing ball.

Install the latest Wine: The link is

Add the repo in Yast → Software Repositories → Add → Specify URL → Next → Add the Repo’s http address and name it e.g. Emulators.

Now go to Yast → Software Management and switch the view to Repositories. Select to install Wine and make sure that you choose the version from the Wine repo (you called it Emulators, select the version from that repo). Force it if necessary, don’t allow the openSUSE standard version to take the slot. Install it and you should end up with packages like these displayed in my Konsole with the command rpm -qa | grep wine as follows:

john@opensuse122:~> rpm -qa | grep wine

[Actually, I’m not sure about the gecko and mono RPMs, they might have been dragged in by mistake, but that doesn’t matter at all.]

Install winetricks: this is a helper installer for ancillary windows components. Create a working directory and place the exe programs for AmiBroker into the directory (AmiBroker5603.exe and ABReg.exe). Open a console window with focus on that directory. If you can’t figure out what “focus on that directory means”, ask me, it’s important. Run this command to download winetricks to the working directory:


A script named winetricks will download and be lodged in the working directory. Make it executable with this console command:

chmod +x winetricks

Setup Windows components: run these commands in the working directory:

  • For the Windows components:
./winetricks corefonts mfc42 riched20 wsh57 mdac28
  • For the extra overrides:
./winetricks msvcrt=native wscript.exe=native

Install and Activate AmiBroker: run these commands in the working directory:

  • Install Amibroker:
wine AmiBroker5603.exe
  • Activate Amibroker:
wine ABReg.exe

There should now be a nice coloured link to AB on your (KDE) desktop and/or in your menu of Apps.

Reference & Limitations: Have a look at the method I copied from here WineHQ - AmiBroker AB 5.60

Be well