Install all texlive doc packages in oS 12.3 without listing each of them -- possible?

Hi folks,

with openSUSE 12.3 texlive has been split up into many, many packages names “texlive-XXX” and “texlive-XXX-doc”. To install all of the “texlive-XXX” packages one can use meta-packages, like “texlive-scheme-full”. However I didn’t find such a shortcut for the doc packages.

Did I miss something? Do you know about a package/pattern/whatever which pulls in all/most of the texlive documentation?

I just realized there are about 2000 such doc packages and I don’t want to maintain a list of them for my auto-install scripts.

Thanks – Yarny

You aren’t missing anything. TexLive is now so large that you would not want all the packages anyway. Though the packages are listed separately, if you select one, you get the remainder in that group on the assumption that you are going to do other sorts of work associated with that package.

I have a very comprehensive selection because of the sort of work that I do but it accounts for only half the available packages.

I’m not sure if this helps.

If you open Yast → Software Management, then click on the “View” tab and select “RPM groups”.

Navigating down the RPM groups, you will find
Productivity → Publishing → TeX

I didn’t find a meta-pattern for all, but at least this gives a fairly complete list.

Personally, I just selected a few packages that I use, and allowed dependencies to pick up the rest. Then, the first time I ran “latex” I came across a missing style definition, so I looked for that and installed it.

Look for package texlive-scheme-full

Thanks for your suggestions.

I need to install this on machines where users don’t have internet and/or root access. texlive-scheme-full is already installed and eats ~5GiB if I remember correctly. When I initiated “zypper in $ALL_DOC_PACKAGES”, it predicted another 1–2GiB installed size for the -doc packages. That would be ok for me. I just don’t want to carry around the $ALL_DOC_PACKAGES list for system installation.


Again, thanks for your help in this matter. – Yarny*

Do you really want the doc packages in all languages? If not, you may find you need far less than this.

Not really, but since disk space is not an issue I’d be happy with a solution which allows me to install all documentation with some meta package (or pattern), which would probably be called “texlive-scheme-documentation-full”. By the way, I have installed the packages “texlive-documentation-collection-", but they didn’t result in any of the "texlive--doc” packages to be installed.

And why don’t you just do the following?

  • Open YaST->Software Management
  • Set Search Mode to “Use Wildcards”
  • Type “texlive-*-doc” into the Search field and press Search (or the Enter key)
  • Right-click on the package list and select “All in this List”->Install (this is also available from the menu)

You could also use other search patterns of course (or try other search modes), f.e. “texlive*” for ALL texlive packages…(already installed packages won’t be installed again, except you select “All in this List”->“Update Unconditionally”)

I’m maintaining a script which installs packages from a list. There is no yast when I initialize a new system. Unfortunatelly the script’s design does not allow wildcards in this list. For now I have added the output of "zypper se texlive--doc" to this list. However, this solution seems a bit fragile to me, since it extends the list from ~500 to ~2500 entries and I will have to maintain this list by hand each time texlive--doc packages are added/removed in openSUSE repositories.

Thanks, just the information I needed for setting up my own sharelatex instance. 13.2 seems to now select the doc as well for scheme-full. - JJ