Install: adding repository fail

Downloaded openSUSE-Leap-42.3-DVD-x86_64.iso
Made a live bootup usb
Bootup is successful
Am able to change the English US to English UK
Everything works ok until the last step: Adding Repository
Installation fails to read the content at / and aborts at that point

What are my options?

What are my options?

Post your Repo List:

zypper lr -d

Use copy/paste and Code-Tags.

Seriously… where and when do you think I’d be able to do that as part of installation?
It’s an automated process that doesn’t afford any command line opportunity.
When the installation aborts… it’s a restart to the current localhost and “zypper” is of no value then.

And please explain what you do when doing “Adding Repository”. In Unix/Linux there are in most cases several ways to achieve the same thing. “Adding a repository” is no exception (e.g. using zypper or YaST). We can not guess what you do. Please describe.

The clues to what I’m doing is in the keywords, “usb”, “install”, “English UK”
The latter language change should’ve been a big clue… because without a valid repo that wouldn’t change anyway
The “Adding Repository” is part–if you read the steps I undertook before the fail–of a fresh install of a live-OS-image from a usb device
Anyways… in case you haven’t done one of these (and can’t guess) here’s a pic of that part of the installation:
That “Next” button then kicks off a system probing process to initialize hardware
And its on that last step of that automated probing, where one sees… “Adding Repository”
Why this process can read the repo before this screen is displayed and then fails at the end… is really odd!

You checked the md5sum before copying the Iso on the key.
I would download an 'other iso, maybe netinstal

Download both isos
The md5sum and the media verify on installation checked okay for both
Both failed at the same place
However when I installed (both) these into VirtualBox machines, they install as expected

Sorry, it may not have been clear to us that you are still in the installation process.
may be this “Everything works ok until the last step” confused us. I guess most add extra repos after they finished the installation. One of this misunderstandings occurs when written text triggers in the head of the readers another image then the creator of the message had when making it :(.

IMHO it shows that my request to make extensive descriptions on what one is doing is rather important. It helps creating understanding things which might be “logical” to the one having the problem, but that are beyond the day to day way of working of others.

Starting all over again.
You pic only shows the first screen of the installation process, where you can choose a language and keyboard.

Now what you say is that when you change that from US to English, it gives you that error and when you do not change it, it doesn’t give the error.
Also, the error is not shown when installed in a VM.

I have no idea why it tries to use the repo in such an early state of the installation (I know you are asked if you want to add repos further in the installation, but IIRC that is after network configuring).
I can only guess that you do not have a network connection when installing on the hardware, but that a network connection is available in a VM.

But I better leave that to people who have VM experiences.

You using WiFi? if so you may need drivers to connect. Best to install using a wired connection. Problem is that not all things can be put in the ISO so if you chose something not on it it has to go out to the internet. In any case all those configs can be done after install after Internet connection is established.