Install a usable version of Vagrant ?


I’m regularly using the Vagrant + VirtualBox combination in my job. Vagrant lets you easily create and fire up virtual machines without going through all the installation hassle. And I’m also regularly setting up whole virtual private networks on my workstation, using a simple set of Vagrantfiles.

After a couple years or so of using Vagrant on my workstation running OpenSUSE Leap since version 15.0, I have to say that the state of this piece of software is rather sad if you’re using Leap. Under Leap 15.2 the respective versions of VirtualBox and Vagrant were incompatible because VirtualBox was lagging behind. Now, under Leap 15.3, Vagrant is both lagging behind and broken, and some pieces are missing. More precisely, the version in the OpenSUSE repos is 2.218, upstream is 2.2.19. The vagrant-vboxguest package is missing under Leap 15.3 (it was there under Leap 15.2, but broken, now it has disappeared completely). Manual install fails because the dependencies are outdated.

This kind of experience makes me seriously want to consider moving my workstation to Rocky Linux or Debian Bullseye, who are less sloppily maintained. But then, OpenSUSE Leap still has the nicest implementation of KDE.

So, here’s my question. Before doing some heavy experimenting.

  1. Have any of you guys ever performed a manual installation of Vagrant under OpenSUSE Leap ?

  2. Do Vagrant’s RPM repositories (for CentOS/RHEL) also work with OpenSUSE Leap ?

Thanks & cheers from the South of France,


PS : no, don’t suggest I run Tumbleweed. I hate moving targets.

You may try version from Virtualization repository

Consider using libvirt instead? Works out of the box, just add the following to your Vagrantfile and ensure the libvirtd service is running…

# Use libvirt for the provider


I did some extensive experimenting these last three days, and here’s what I found out.

  1. KVM/Libvirt may be a better virtualization solution under Linux (I’m using it on my servers), but the Vagrant+libvirt solution is quite buggy, at least under OpenSUSE.

  2. The vagrant-vbguest plugin is also quite unreliable.

  3. On the other hand, writing a simple Bash script for provisioning to build Guest Additions manually works perfectly.

  4. Even though Vagrant supports many different providers, it really works best with VirtualBox.

  5. Happy camper now with the standard VirtualBox + Vagrant from the standard OSS and Backports repos.



Not had issues here, I use it to spin up test clusters for kubernetes (all are running Leap 15.3) on Tumbleweed host. What sort of bugs? I did have to make some modifications due to where packages are with the SLE alignment.

Stuff that needs modules compiled to run are a pain at times… to date had zero downtime with libvirt.