Install 32bit architecture from installed 64bit

Hello, on this days i found how to install lan league of legends on linux, but i need install the 32bit of my packages because playonlinux said i need the 32bits, i dont know what packages are, so i am looking if i can do the next but on openSUSE:

On Ubuntu

dpgk --add-architecture i586

On openSUSE


thank you.

You install the relevant packages with the 32bit suffix…

For example for SDL it would be libSDL-1_2-0-32bit

I would have thought Playonlinux would add them as required, or is this the actual game, in that case running the command (not a start script);

ldd <some_binary_game>

This will provide a list of libraries, the not found ones will need the respective 32bit versions installed.

ty for the reply, the issue is i dont want to manually install all needed 32bit packages that playonlinux need when i install it, because dont do nothing, only install the playonlinux package.

Then it will depend on the game your running, AFAIK there is no easy way since there is no 32bit arch (i586) just 32bit libs (> 1800 of them I see)…

zypper se 32bit |wc -l

The x86 pattern only installs the 32-bit variant of all selected patterns.

i686 = i586 = 32bit, and i am not installing a linux game is a windows game, i am try to install all basic necesary file of playonlinux on 32bit, but i will try look for a forum with the list of needed package on 32bit of playonlinux, but i will let the forum open if someone know my issue with playonlinux.

Start playonlinux in a Terminal.