Install 2 identical printers

I have a server which had been installed OpenSuSe 10.2. This server has 2 printers Epson LQ-2180. After I run Yast to configure the printers’ connection, when I print a page to 2nd printer, the page was always printed in 1st printer. Why this is happen? Do I have to use special device setting?
FYI, the printers is connected with USB-Parellel Converters since the parallel port is not available in the server. And I already use PPD file for LQ-2180.

Please your advise for this problem.
Thank you


How are you directing the output to the second printer?

I use the test printing program in Yast after configuring the printers.
The steps that I had done were:

  1. I connect 1st printer, configure it with Yast, do test printing through Yast, and the printer do print correctly to 1st printer.
    • connect 2nd printer
    • select the port, before click “next”, I do test simple “Hello World” printing, and the output was printed to the 2nd printer
    • click “next”, then input the PPD file “Epson LQ-2180”
    • then click “next”, then I do test printing (still in Yast), but the output was printed to the 1st printer, not the 2nd printer