Install 11.3 RC2 failed

Installing RC2 on my HP Pavillon 7760 result in error messages indicating some packages can(t be downloaded.
Amongst them are Yast2 packager webpin,
yast2 country-data,
XorgX11 libx11 ccache
yast2 trans stats
shared desktop ontologies
release notes Open SuSE
plasma-theme-aya 4.4.4-1.1
kernel firmware 23100227

I had to abandon install.

It might be better if you post this in the pre-release/beta forum.


Did you check the install media for errors?

This principle:

How did you get your installation CD/DVD torrent or straight iso?

The reason i say that is because iso you have to check the check sum of the file and burn any Linux iso as slow as you can. Torrents don’t need to be checked as much because the torrent client does most of it but things can go wrong.

I just downloaded opensuse 11.3 rc2 and installed it on a old laptop and everything went fine but i did download the DVD and checked it with K3B before i burned it.
Here is my system info.
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I used to download by torrent ALL the time (and I still do) because they (1) typically provide a higher probability of a download with no errors and (2) they share the bandwidth with other download users.

However I do find torrent downloads are slow, and a quick reliable way to get a Linux distro is to download with a download accelerator such as ‘prozgui’. Now often I find the download accelerator does NOT give me a faster download, but what it does do is give me a more reliable download due to its built in constant data integrity checks (ie just as reliable as a torrent download).

What I did for openSUSE-11.2 GM (and I plan to do the same for 11.3 GM) is download by both torrent and download accelerator (my Internet account does not have a restrictive bandwidth limitation). Hence I obtain a quality download quickly via the download accelerator (prozgui) and I also then share the bandwidth with other users trying to download via torrent. This of course is possible because I have more than 1 PC (and hence I am able to keep seeding via torrent while I am installing the new openSUSE on the other PC).

If it’s any consolation, I also get these errors when I try to install from the dvd iso. Checksum is correct, so there’s a problem with the install.

The gnome live iso runs and installs fine though.