Install - 11.2, Again.. Patch HUGE ERROR - font installation

this is the 3rd time I’ve had to try and install this os on an IBM ThinkCentre 3.5P4 w/ 2GBRam and SATA DVD-RW/HDD using onboard video and SB audio card… Not fun.
Don’t know why things aren’t being installed or configured, but…

Anyways, during ‘Patch Download and Installation’, 'Retrieving dhcp-client… Starting script fetchmsttfonts-11.2-6.6.12.noarch… What.
I’m now getting these errors: andale32.exe ( ever…
The point is Why is openSuSE downloading widows fonts from sourceforge in what I can only guess are self extracting archive in exe format… Why??? I, on this 3rd and apparently not last attempt to install 11.2 on this ws didn’t choose Anything extra… I have 5 other working 11.x workstations in my house and well, I’ve never had this much trouble…

this post is about the FontName.exe files Linux is downloading and extracting from sourceforge… Why?


because you did not deselect it in the menue of packages prior to the final installation step. The fonts are extracted once you agree on the license terms of the EULA (as you know they have the “strategic agreement”). Substantially since exe files for the install of true type fonts are not applicable in linux they found this method to be able to install them. I you do not want them at all (for whatever reasons) you should be able set the packages as “taboo” in yast - never install.
Btw: it is not a bug…it’s a feature :slight_smile:

Yep, otherwise others would complain that fonts do not look exactly the same as they did on windu machines.