Install 11.1 on 10.3 with dual boot

Hi everybody,

I’ve installed the 10.3 along with win xp. Now I would like to install the 11.1.

The problem is that I do not know if the 11.1 will be installed on the former 10.3 partition drive, leaving the win xp partition and the shared partition unchanged (in size and content).

If I manage to install the 11.1 in the same partition of 10.3, the dual boot will still work?

Many thanks for your help!



You can have both if you have a separate root partition for each.
If you put /home on its own partition, you can access your data from both versions.


In the case that I just want the 11.1, I could just overwrite the partition in witch I’ve installed the 10.3, without changing anything else?