Install 11.1 fails at graphics/video card check

Hi , iwas having problems yesterday trying to install 10.3, so bit the bullet and downloaded 11.1 .Fresh install and everything works fine untill the hardware check. when i am told that the screen may flash during this check, it goes black then flashes up to a screen consisting of various shades of blue lines. it then does nothing, i have tried leaving it for up to an hour ,but always the blue lines remain.
Is there anyway of by passing this test? as up to this point there is no problems with anything being displayed on screen.
Thanks for any help in advance…

did you use automatic configuration??
try using acpi=off during boot.
and reply if it works.
also just try to skip the configuration and see if it works.(it did once when i had a similar problem. just give it a try)

Thanks for your help, but to be 100% honest with you i feel i am out of my depth with my basic understanding of computers i sort of hoped i would stick in the disc and tick a few boxes like window$ and bobs your uncle opensuse would be running. I have now re installed window$ xp again , more suited to my user level i think.
thanks again

ohh dear.humm then you should have opted for a dual boot system.once you get comfortable with linux you could have removed xp or use both.
i use a dual boot system with xp and suse 11.0
well if you are interested in a dual boot just remember that we all are here for you…