Instal&run OpenSuse

hello opensuse gurus,

hi there. i have a few spare P3 and P4 machines and would like to boot them from a
2GB/4GB USB stick running linux and the mono framework. These machines are diskless, so i need to have persistence on the usb stick. The idea is to connect them all via a LAN, and have .NET app running on each of them; all talking to each other via .NET remoting.

i guess what i want to know is: is it relatively easy to get open suse with the mono runtime on a bootable 2GB/4GB USB drive with persistence? im a bit of a nix newbie, but i know a few commands and keen to get into it. i tried really, really hard to get it working with the UNetBootin tool (UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads) but to no avail. My machines’ BIOS has the facility to boot the USB sticks (I tested this with Ubuntu), but i can’t seem to persist the data?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?