instal on virtual box

I have a problem installing opensuse 11.2 on Virtual box from sun.
In aim to have opensuse on full screen I have to install the following driver:

I have found the following tutorial but I don’t fully understand. Is it realy possible to run a .run file with rpm -Uvh ??

If you chose not to burn a CD of the ISO, you will need to mount the ISO image. Do so with the following

commands (as root):

mkdir /mnt/rhaps
mount -o ro,loop path_to_iso /mnt/rhaps

cd /mnt/rhaps/RedHat/RPMS/
rpm -Uvh desired_packages

Thanks for helping


If I recall correctly, you need to:

sudo sh

However, you will need to have some devel packages installed (I don’t remember which; perhaps the kernel headers).

Thank you I will try this evening and let you know about

Did you try to install from the Sun repo :

I did this on Windows 7. What you need to do is to log into the root account.(It is possible to do this with just typing in the password, but it will be easier with root account). Then go to YAST- install- install all the kernel modules. restart. Re-logint the root account. Next, go to devices and select install Guest additions. Install the linux guest additions. Again reboot. You should now be able to use the guest additons.