Instal missing Perl Module


I am trying to use a utility pop2imap which is written in Perl and requires the following perl modules:

  • MailIMAPClient module
  • MailPOP3Client module
  • EmailSimple module
  • DateManip module
  • IOSocketSSL module

I already had “DateManip” & “IOSocketSSL” installed. I installed “MailIMAPClient” & “EmailSimple” via YaST but cant find “MailPOP3Client”.

How or from where, can I install the perl “MailPOP3Client” module as I can’t see it in YaST?


See here:

Thanks but I still can’t see anything to do with pop3 in the x86_64 sub folder that appears to contain all the RPMs.

I get the feeling I need to be looking for something like - perl-Mail-POP3Client-0.X-lp152.X.X.x86_64.rpm

I saw it in the noarch one. Are you sure it is architecture dependent?

Yes, the needed package is “perl-Mail-POP3Client” in the “noarch” directory of the “devel:languages:perl” repository.
The package was last changed about 6 years ago, but the last Leap 15.2 OpenQA build was summer last year and OK – <>.

Perfect - many thanks everyone.