inspiron 7000

hey there
is there anyone knowing an download link for older SuSe Linux than SuSe Linux 10???
I need it for my old Dell Inspiron 7000 because for the current version (11.2) it is too slow.
I didn’t find anything by using google !!!
Thx for help!!!

What are the specs on your Inspiron 7000 ? Does it have the maximum 384MB of RAM?

If so, there are some light weight desktops that run openSUSE-11.2 that you could try instead that will be FASTER than SuSE-10.0. These are:

I believe SOAD may be the “lightest” of the group, followed very closely by LXDE. Xfce is likely the most mature and the heaviest (ie slowest) of the group. They are all pretty neat and the developer communities for all 3 help each other out, which is VERY GOOD to see.

Given the small amount of RAM likely on this Inspiron 7000, you will likely need to install from a text mode:

You can do this by booting to the liveCD of your choice, and when the very 1st screen/boot menu appears, press F3 and select TEXT in the menu. Then boot the liveCD. This will take you to a full screen text mode.

At the full screen text mode, type “linux” (no quotes) as the user name. For XFCE/LXDE use <enter> as the password. For SOAD use “soad” (no quotes) as the password. Then once logged in type “su” (no quotes) to switch to root/admin permissions. For XFCE/LXDE use <enter> as the password. For SOAD use “soad” (no quotes) as the password.

Once you have root permissions, type “yast” (no quotes) to launch YaST in a text mode. Then using the arrow keys, tab key, and space bar as appropriate, navigate down to “Miscellaneous” and select Installation in that menu area.

That will start the text installation. When the installation is complete, you will have a graphic desktop.

If you decide to go for SOAD, I recommend as soon as you are complete the install, that you go into YaST > Software > Software Repositories, and disable ALL of the repositories except for OSS, Non-OSS, Update and Packman. Just those 4. There may also be a 5th SOAD (or possibly Enlightenment) repository that you will want to add. But no more. This is VERY important. Adding more and keeping them enabled is only for advanced users and average users like me and you should keep their repositories limited to the 4 I recommended.

While Xfce is included in the official openSUSE packaged releases, the other two are not. However LXDE will be included in openSUSE-11.3 (in the July-2010 release) as an official openSUSE desktop.

Good luck.

thx for help
i’m going to try