Inspiron 1000 install problem (11.1, 11.2, net install, dvd install)

Ok, I have a plain jane Inspiron 1000, 2ghz celeron, 256m ram, 40gig hd, dvd.

I burned 11.2 to dvd, 11.1 to dvd, tried installing both. Both get the dreaded “cannot create repository” (i’m paraphrasing). No problem, I download and burn 11.1, 11.2 net install’s, checksums check out ok. I go through the first part where it downloads stuff from (or something similiar), then it fails again, not able to install.

I get no message on the net installs. Just fails real quick with a red box. I tried a text install, fails.

What gives?

Please check this

256MB RAM is very borderline
You really need to use a light weight desktop like LXDE

I tested the media, checked out “No Errors found.”

This is the 11.2 net install image that I tested. I double checked the md5 on the 11.2 full DVD and its correct also.

LOL…yea the ram is a little low. Its just to get it installed, then I’ll upgrade it. I just acquired it (the laptop) so I havent had a chance to get more memory.

Then perhaps it is having trouble accessing the NET?

since it flies by so fast, I just created a video so I can watch it in slo-mo… LOL. who knew these Intel Celery processors were so fast! LOL

LOL. No clue from the image.

Have a look…

eth0 looks OK
But the last part looks like it’s spitting dummy when starting yast
Internet installation - openSUSE

Otherwise, I’m not sure…

oh, no, yast starts up just fine, goes through the “accept” screen, starts downloading from the web then craps out.

I just tried 10.3 and it seemed like it would install from DVD but its kinda old. I’m going to see if I can partition this thing with gparted then try to install. Maybe it cant activate swap space or something.

You may do better with the 11.2 DVD
10.3 BTW is no longer supported.

With the 11.2 DVD, if you press F3 at the boot menu, select text mode, and go from there.

hmm… just for the heck of it, I’m trying Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and its installing fine. :frowning: dang.