insmod failing (wacom.o)


I compiled a wacom driver module according to linuxwacom’s installation guide. When using insmod to insert the module the following error message appears:

insmod: error inserting ‘./wacom.o’: -1 Invalid module format

The output in the log file is the following:

Feb 20 01:32:21 phong-er3h kernel: [63611.487109] usbcore: deregistering interface driver wacom
Feb 20 01:32:40 phong-er3h kernel: [63630.371134] No module found in object

Does anybody know why this happens? And by the way, has anyone managed to get his/her wacom tablet running on three screens properly?

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Not a direct answer to your question, but I can only help by pointing you at this thread:

Wacom tablet on Suse 11.2 - openSUSE Forums

It might be helpful to others if you can mention which version of openSUSE your using.

I’m running openSUSE11.2 but didn’t have the problem that guy on the other thread had. My tablet is working with two screens, but when I attach my third screen it doesn’t work anymore. So I dropped the linuxwacom guys a line about my problem and they suggested to compile my own wacom.o driver module and configure it with a specific flag which ‘could’ solve the problem. Now I’ve compiled the wacom.o but couldn’t insmod it. Do you know how the linuxwacom driver is working internally? It’s really weird that it doesn’t work with multiple screens on multiple graphics cards… dual-screen on single graphics card works though…

I think you’ll get a better chance of support from here:

Wacom Technology - Linux Driver Downloads

Not an opensuse-specific problem.