insert openSUSE 11.0 DISC 1

everytime i go to remove or add a program from software management, i usually have another cd in my DVD/CD-ROM other than the opensuse DVD 11.0 disc One, and to remove or add another program from software managentment it asks to Insert openSUSE-DVD 11.0 (Disc 1)
then i have to go looking for the opensuse disc 11.0 DVD…

is there any other way to avoid this?? something like put a copy of the opensuse disc 11.0 on my harddrive Somewhere and use that??


Yast - Repositories
Uncheck the dvd media
make sure oss and non-oss are enabled also updates too

  • diablo1,
    Yast, Software, Software repositories, highlight the DVD and uncheck “Enabled”
    Make sure you got an online repo for all the normal stuff available and enabled.


so everything i need i can get online, there isnt anything ill be missing off the dvd?

what i have checked off is
default opensuse 11.0 updates
120 opensuse 11.0 non-oss
120 opensuse 11.0 oss


Yes, everything is online that is on the dvd.

But, it is in updates, oss, and non-oss, (and maybe a couple others, depending on desktop environment, hardware, et al), and you seem to say that you have them “checked off”. You need to have a check in the box for “enabled” for those repos, and no check in the box “enabled” for the dvd media.

just copy original dvd to wherever on your system(lucky I’ve got 3 drives}-And add that drive to your repos,then untick the dvd entry in repos.