Insert cd1during install 11.1 ??

Hi everyone,
I have just installed suse 11.1 64 bit on VMWare running on XP 32 on a dual core 64bit athlon and it is running fine.
When I try to install it on my hard drive the start of the installation works then when the line on the installer gets less than half way it asks me to insert cd1??
I’ve burned another dvd and tried that and also tried different settings for the install.
This also happens when I goto check installation media.
I’m baffled >:(

Maybe the iso you burned from is corrupt. Did you check the md5sum?
You can use md5deep to check it.
Read more here


Using the iso from the internet is not always the best way to install, they seem to have a lot of missing files (or broken downloads) the best way to get the latest copy and i have never had any problems is Linux Format magazine they have reliable dvds and great articles to help.the mag is pricy but this is the best way to get qaulity dvd copies. and the mag is great if you want to learn about linux. their downloads are reliable too. i always buy one copy of the new suse in the mag…

it sounds like you have a missing file on the download somewhere. burning iso from internet is not that reliable…

Thanks guy’s :wink:
I decided to download the network setup disk and installed it that way! now working fine :slight_smile:

If you want a quality dvd the “best place” is here Buy openSUSE - openSUSE :wink: