Input not supported

Trying to install Leap 15.3 from DVD. It boots and after 5 minutes of graphic screen activity it goes black and announces

Input not supported

Everything works with other distros. Suggestions?

Try booting the installation media without the GUI bling: At the initial boot menu, strike the E key, navigate to the end of the line that begins linu, remove quiet, remove splash=silent, append plymouth=0 and try proceeding. If that’s not enough, also append nomodeset and proceed again.

Did that. Nothing changed.

Have you checked the downloaded Installation-ISO’s with sha256sum?

How have you burned the ISO to DVD/USB-Stick?

On Installation there is a point to check the Installation Media, do you try that?

Checked with sha256sum.
Burned to DVD with Brasero.
Just now checked Installation Media. No errors.

Quite absurd. I downloaded one more copy of the iso, checked it, and booted. Even though I could select “Installation” or “More” from the start menu with the keyboard, it still failed with “Input not supported”. Is that not some failure in logic? Either way it looks like my days with Leap are numbered if I can’t install it.

I’m pretty sure there’s some logic in that failure as it is reproducible. I don’t think I can help in details, but just some thoughts: I keep reading here about “secure boot” and “UEFI” settings. Not sure, but as DVD may not be the latest tech, do you have a chance to put that iso on a USB pen drive? It may be worth a try as a workaround in case it’s hardware (support) related.

If there is a working installation on the PC already, it can be used to initialize a NET installation, as described in your other thread.

Do you have any other keyboard to try?

Is this a UEFI PC? If yes, does the behavior change if you switch the selected boot mode between UEFI and CSM (legacy/MBR)?

What models of PC/motherboard/GPU is this about?

Did you ensure you burned the DVD image at the slowest possible speed?

I took a break for a day. Then I started another OS install only to be met with the same problem. I took my case apart and removed everything except the DVD drive and one hard drive. The installation succeeded. The problem was with my KVM switch which functioned at the start of the several attempts but failed later into the installs. Who knows why. It had never failed during normal operation. It’s in the garbage. More keyboards, more monitors, more cables, but everything works.

Thanks to all for the help.

If the monitor is beside your primary monitor, just install barrier and use your existing keyboard and mouse. That’s what I use with my laptops if needed…

Never exclude any possibility. Almost anything can happen.

BTW: In 2003 the BIOS of my machine reported that no disks (of two disks definitely working since 5 years) were found. I identified the DVD burner as the culprit. Removing it fixed the issue with the hard disks. Just in case of future issues always try not to use a DVD drive during troubleshooting.